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PROCIVIS’ Participation at the celebration of the African Day of Statistics and Facts Registration

The celebration of the second African Day of Statistics and Facts Registration took place on August 08, 2019 in the Yaoundé City Hall conference room. Under the theme “Birth certificates for all: a necessity for the protection of human rights and the promotion of inclusion” and aimed at paving the way for enhanced collaboration between the various stakeholders for the optimal functioning of the civil status system.
The Minister of Decentralization and Local Development (MINDDEVEL) chaired the meeting and it was met with the active participation of BUNEC and many development partners, among which were European Union, GIZ, UNICEF and the World Bank.
The participation of the ACTIVIE CITIZENSHIP STRENGTHENING PROGRAM (PROCIVIS), with its constant support provided to BUNEC within the framework of PASECA (Project to improve the civil status system in Cameroon for active citizenship) consisted mainly in the animation of their stand dedicated to inform and create public awareness on civil status. PROCIVIS and PASECA made available some brochures which highlighted the problem of civil status in Cameroon, and was distributed to some of the visitors, who, like the Minister were welcomed at the stand. A film projection was also display to the participants with message, on the difficulties linked to the unavailability of civil status documents.
Amongt all the visitors who visited the stand, 41 of them were subjected to a quiz on the legal provisions on civil status; 93% of the participants who took part in the exercise have a good knowledge of civil status documents; however, only 16% of them are familiar with procedures relating to civil status facts. Further actions will be undertaken by civil society organizations (CSOs) to ensure the continuity of this campaign in order to strengthen people’s access to improve civil registration services

Article written by : NGANKOU Juliette Flore, EKONO MEKONGO Marie Roseline, MANJIA NJIKAM Sekinynetou, BESONG Kevin Diba, ZIEMBA Véronique Gaelle

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