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Welcome to the home-page of the Active Citizenship Civil Status Strengthening Program (PROCIVIS) fruit of the cooperation between Cameroon and Europeean Union.

Cameroon and European Union shared since a quite long time strong relationship.

As Project Coordinator of this program, i thank you for visiting our website.

You will find all the information you need in regard to the main guidelines of this program as states in the 11ième Financial Agreement signed both by Cameroonian country and the European Union.

PROCIVIS has two main components: Civil Status Components and Civil society Components. The two components are heavily linked: Civil status constitutes the base of citizenship while reinforcing the capacities of the civil society allows the individuals to organize themselves collectively in order to promote and defend their rights in particular.

Your contribution trough the space provided and others channels of communications like e mails, social media are welcomed.

The entire team of PROCIVIS and me will strive for an even closer relationship with all the actors of the project such as : MINDDEVEL, MINAT, MINJUSTICE, MINSANTE, MINPROFF, MINDUB, civil status registries…and Civil society organisation, common people, institutions like BUNEC, CNDHL, etc… to the accomplishment of the main objectives as consigned in the Convention.

We hope on social media your reaction will be useful for the general ineterest of each and every one.

We wish to find at any visit to this website something new able to empower your knowledge of the main objectives of this program, and so together we will bring our contribution for improving this fruitfull relation between Cameroon and European Union,

To be an active citizen, registration is a precondition, but it goes far beyond. Active citizens are the backbone of a vivid civil society, which connects the citizens with the decision makers, and is a partner in promoting the economic, social and moral texture of a country ”.


Best Regards

Mr François SORBA

Team  Procivis Coordinator.