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The “Framework Document on the Registration of Vital Events (DOCEFEC) » : an Information Guide for the Use of Civils Status Professionnals

The “Framework document on the registration of vital events” (DOCEFEC)  is a contribution to the implementation of axis 2 of the costed CRVS action plan aimed at strengthening the organisation and functioning of the registration of vital events, notably by improving the availability of civil status services.This information guide is timely, mindful of the essential nature of civil status for guaranteeing access to rights

For thease reasons, this Document constitutes a tool that will be used by civil status officers and secretaries, civil society organizations (CSO) and other stakeholders to facilitate their access to the information needed for their work in the domain of civil status.

The general objective of this framework document is to facilitate access to civil status registration procedures with a view to ensuring that everyone obtains civil status documents

Specifically, this entails:

  • Bringing together in a single document, all the legal provisions relating to the procedures for establishing civil status documents;
  • Providing a map of the actors involved in the civil status registration chain;
  • Presenting the envisaged costs to incur in the event of a late declaration, for each type of civil status document and the corresponding possibilities for exemption;
  • Presenting innovative practices in the establishment of civil status documents.

To achieve these objectives, the Document proposes developments which are structured into seven chapters as follows:

Chapter 1: The normative framework of the civil status system;

Chapter 2: Stakeholders and their roles in the civil registration process;

Chapter 3: The registration fees of vital events

Chapter 4: Registration of births;

Chapter 5: Registration of marriages;

Chapter 6: Registration of deaths;Chapter 7: Sharing the experiences of field workers in the registration of vital events

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