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photo atelier nord cadre legal des oscs

Particpatory analysis of CSOS legal framework

In line with the analysis of the perception of CSOs about the legal framework governing the performance of their activities conducted within the framework of the implementation of the Support Programme for the Structuring of the Civil Society in Cameroon (PASOC), and the critical and comparative study of the legal framework relating to CSOs in Cameroon carried out under the Civil Society Strengthening Programme (PASC), PROCIVIS marks a decisive step in the commitment of social actors in all regions of the country to unify and harmonise the legal framework of CSOs.

During two interregional workshops organised in Ngaoundéré 25th -27th august 2021 and in Douala 2nd -4th september 2021, the non-state actors agreed, following analysis and debate, on the elements of the legal framework to be retained and those to be changed and on concrete proposals for improving the existing situation. The purpose of the workshops was to review the analysis of all the national legal texts relating to the development of associations and their application, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the legal environment of CSOs in Cameroon and the elements that can limit their full development, and to agree on the reforms to be considered éléments qui peuvent limiter leur plein épanouissement et s’accorder sur les réformes à envisager.

As a follow up to these two workshops, a future meeting shall be held in Yaoundé. During the upcoming workshop, non-state actors shall be expected to reach a consensus on a proposal for the reform and updating of the legal framework for CSOs to be discussed with the public authorities.

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