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Review of the Framework Document on Civil Status Registration.

On Thursday, November 19, 2020, the PROCIVIS meeting room served as the setting for a one-day workshop devoted to the review of the Framework Document on Civil Status Registration.

 The workshop brought together : representative Justice’s Ministry, members of the technical  group comitee that had been set up to support selecteted the Consultant.

About twenty participants including European Union Delegation representative in Cameroon were present.

The Framework Document produced is intended to be a practical guide for institutional, actors and populations.

With this document, all actors should be informed on facilitaties guided establishement of any civil status  documents in Cameroon, therefore it sets out :

  1. Informations on the actors involved in civil registration, with their different roles ;
  2. Procedures to be followed, with the expected costs whether on time or not
  3. Assumptions for exemption from costs related to the procedure for establishing civil status documents in Cameroon.

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