PROCIVIS commits to fight the pandemic

image pour missions urgence Covid19

In order to support the Cameroonian government’s efforts to manage the unprecedented health crisis that emerged in 2019, the Support Programme for Active Citizenship (PROCIVIS) has been authorised to integrate in its activities a new component called “COVID Emergency – 19”.

Due to the persistence of the pandemic and the slackening in the observation of barrier measures proned by the government, this component aims to support the Cameroonian government’s efforts to respond to the pandemic. Therefore the main result is to:

  • Sensitize the population nationwide for the necessity of repecting barriers measures edicted by the government in the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations.
  • Reduce the effects of the pandemic nationwide.

“COVID-19 Emergency” component activities

  • Awareness-raising based on official information on Covid-19
  • Vulgarisation trough our CSO partners of messages promoting barrier measures , how to suspect covid 19 symptoms ? and what to do in case of suspicion of a covid 19 desease case.
  • Promoting teleworking trough webinar / teleconferencing or using some social media.